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Many people have fallen prey to moving scams. Basically what happens is that a moving company provides a cheap estimate to the customer. The company then proceeds to collect the goods. The moving company then refuses to deliver the goods unless the customer pays an extra amount. This amount is normally substantial but the client is helpless as his belongings are being held hostage. Customers should learn to trust reliable companies from reliable sources such as to avoid such scams.

Binding Moving Estimate

People should make it a point to take the advice of their real estate agent before selecting a moving company. Also they should run a thorough background check of the company. They should check if there have been any complaints registered against them. This information is available on the internet. Normally a genuine company will send a representative to your home to make a calculated estimate aka “Bidning Visual Estimate”.

Charges and Contracts

There should be a clear cut contract containing all specifications of the move including net charges. You should be beware of anyfine print or hidden charges integrated into the contract without yourknowledge. Also it is an extremely good idea to get multiple estimates. One should also enquire about the companies policy regarding its employees. They should initiate disciplinary checks into the background of their employees. A good quality moving company will have a policy covering any damages caused during transport.

Large Sum Deposits

Online moving companies are to be looked at with suspicion as most moving scams are run from the internet. You should be cautious while interacting with ‘online movers’. Customers should pay only a small amount upfront and with good quality movers that is all you will need to pay. Be wary of any moving company that asks for a large sum upfront.

Our Dallas Movers network is established on reliable and professional licensed and insured moving companies in Dallas which aims at providing quality moving solutions to its customers. We give you an accurate onsite estimate with no hidden costs. We quote a flat standard rate for the whole move and don’t charge anything extra at the delivery location.

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